Queen Mattresses & King Mattresses

The best queen mattresses or king mattresses won't give you a good sleep if it's not the right mattress for you. It's important to choose queen mattresses based on your comfort level. We are Mattress Direct Central, and we know all about mattresses. Whether you are looking for king mattresses or something smaller, we can guide you through the process. You can't just feel a mattress with your hands and decide that it's right for you. You have to get on the mattress and spend several minutes on it to see how it really feels.

You also must decide the firmness level that you are most comfortable with. Some people like a firm mattress that gives them a lot of support. Others might like a soft mattress that is super comfortable but doesn't provide much in the way of support. A medium mattress is somewhere between the two. It is comfortable but does provide support, which is good for pressure points. Everyone is different and will have different needs.

One thing that we like to point out to all of our customers is the fact that your mattress may not feel exactly the way that you want it to for the first few weeks. It takes between a couple of weeks and a month for most people to get used to a new mattress. Give it time and soon you'll be snuggling into your new mattress and getting quality sleep. We would love to have you stop into our store to see our extensive selection. We are easily accessible for those in Machesney Park, IL, Beloit, Loves Park, and other local areas.

We hope to see you soon. If you're tossing, turning and waking up tired, stop by soon. You won't be disappointed. We take good care of our customers.